NickW Tennis

Video 6: Coach Victor Chevallier, from France, but working permanently in Rio, demonstrates the best footwork pattern for running around a backhand to attack a forehand. Victor comes in at 1m35s.

Video 11: Coach Trevor Hughesman takes a Ladies Morning session at Hawker, another look at the fun social side of this wonderful game! Ladies start from 0m55s in.

Video 30: Coach Cosmin Barbu runs a fun Sunday morning social tennis session at the first club I ever joined in Cobham. A great example of how tennis brings people together!

Video 36: Coach Paul Livesi has 20 years experience, and competes regularly on the World ITF Over 35's Tour. Here, we see him working with a complete beginner.

Judy Murray is internationally recognised as a world class coach, and has been there every step of the way during Andy's rise to the top of the game. I caught up with her at the Surbiton Challenger in June 2015, where she was running a course to inspire more women coaches and more girls to take up tennis. She kindly gave me 5 minutes of her time to ask a few questions. Check Videos 22 and 44 to see what she said, and what it means!

Video 56: Coach Frank Giampaolo is an international author, speaker, and has coached players to national champions and the pro tour. This videos features his excellent book Tennis Parents Bible.

Video 17: Coach Jeremy Westcott shows us the work he's been doing with one of his students on the serve.