Alexander Kolushev - None

Alexis Tughan - None

Amelia Earp - None

Arjan Madaher - None

Arnav Shinde (1) - None

Arthur Song-Dusoir (7) -

Atish Sisodia - None

Audrey Song-Dusoir (6) -

Ben Cardew - None

Ben Howard - None

Ben Roberts - None

Catie Pirkle -

Charlie Richardson (4) -

Dan Rogers-Cumings -

Diego Rispoli -

Dylan Harrington-To - None

Dylan Rajapaksa (1) -

Enrique Julia (10) - None

Ethan Alexander -

Freddie Song-Dusoir (6) -

Georgiy Lesyuk - None

Haris Williams (1) - None

Harry McDonagh (-1) - None

Henry Gibbons (3) - None

Jack Stephenson - None

Jackson Penny (9) - 

James Chapman (7) -

James Eburne (-2) -

Johannes Lahoz - None

Josh Hawkley - None

Joshua Derks (-1) -

Justin La Ronde (-2) - None

Ken Fujita (2) -

Krishna Wijayasingham (-3) -

Lam Bleakley (10) -

Leo Pettit (7) -

Lex Van Cauter - None

Liam Murtagh (-1) -

Lloyd La Ronde - None

Luca Werbelow (2) -

Lucas Murtagh (-1) -

Luis Bullinger - None

Mackenzie Hair (3) -

Maja Hehir -

Martha Raitt (8) -

Masa Lannhult (3) -

Matthew Lightbody (-1) -

Mia Schafer - None

Monica Kingston (7) - None

Moritz Stuebing - None

Nicholas Kram (4) -

Nikhil Reddy - None

Oliver Benjafield - None

Oliver Hinton - None

Oliver Tula -

Reilly Hosseinian -

Reuben Eburne (0) - None

Ricard Misins -

Rohan Gomez (3) - None

Rohan Madaher (1) -

Ronak Patel -

Rosie McDermott (3) -   

Sam McDermott (5) -  

Skye Hair (2) - 

Stefan Suvei - None

Thomas Hartley (10) - Sat 20th July +28

Telman Mehdi -

Todor Gramatikov - None

Tristan Scurr (17) -  

Uche Urenwoke -

Vlad Colea - None

Yann Van Cauter - None

Zahra Qadeer - None


PURCHASING MATCHPLAY CREDITS: Hawker reception take all Matchplay payments. You can purchase 1 Matchplay credit for £8, or 5 for £37.50 (£7.50 each), or 10 for £70 (£7 each), or 20 for £130 (£6.50 each).

HOW TO PAY: Choose your credit package, pay at Hawker reception, hand your payment receipt to Nick. Nick will then update your number of credits on this page (the number in brackets by your child's name). Un-used credits will only expire if a player hasn't competed at all during a full school term.​​​​


Saturday 20th July 3pm (All ages) - 1 so far (Max 22)

Sunday 28th July 3pm (All ages) - 1 so far (Max 22)

***Matchplay dates for August will be published towards the end of July, and determined by demand for July dates***

PLEASE NOTE: Start times are rarely the same for everyone. If events are busy, Orange (the youngest) will usually start first, and older children later. Green could start up to 1 hour after indicated start time, and Yellow up to 3 hours. Please check matchplay times on this website from the Friday before each event.


Scroll down to see upcoming Matchplay dates, and down further to see your current Matchplay bookings.

TO BOOK: Please select date(s) you can play, and either email me date(s), or text me. You can find my email through our contact page. DEADLINE for booking is Thursday 11pm before any Matchplay event. The earlier you book, the more likely you will get in. You can cancel a booking before the deadline, this is no problem at all. However, if you cancel a booking after the deadline, you will still have to pay. You can also book as a reserve after the deadline, or when an event is full. Reserves will be contacted if a place becomes available.

IMPORTANT: Please put your chosen date(s) in your diary now! I will only contact you if I CANNOT include you on your chosen date, so assume the date(s) you request are confirmed. You can always check this page for confirmation too.

IMPORTANT (PART 2!): You WON'T be informed of the time you need to be at Hawker. You need to check start times on this website. They will be available from the Friday before each event, by clicking 'Matchplay Times'. This page will also tell you who is playing who!

NickW Tennis