Summer Tournament 2017 Draws/Results

Yellow Open Singles

Final: Harry bt Moritz 6-0

Semi-finals: Harry.V (1) bt Marcus 4-0, Moritz (2) bt Robert 4-0

Yellow 14U Singles
Final:Arjan bt Jack 6-4
Semi-finals: Jack bt Charlie 4-0, Arjan bt Haris 5-3
1/4 finals: Jack.S (1) bt Leo w/o, Charlie.S bt Dominik (3) 4-1, Arjan (4) bt Matthew 5-4 (4-1), Haris bt Matteo (2) 4-1

Yellow 12U Singles
Final:Rohan bt Joshua 6-1
Semi-finals: Joshua bt Charlie 4-2, Rohan bt Sam 5-4 (5-3)
1/4 finals: Joshua (1) bt James.E 5-4 (4-2), Charlie.R (4) bt Archie 4-1, Sam (3) bt Lucas 5-4 (4-1), Rohan bt Alexis (2) 5-3

Green Singles

Final: James.C bt Thomas 6-4

Semi-finals: Thomas (1) bt Ron 5-3, James.C (2) bt Arthur 4-0

Orange Singles

Final: Nicholas bt Liam 7-6 (8-6)

Semi-finals: Liam bt Enrique 4-1, Nicholas bt Rosie 4-0

1/4 Finals: Liam (1) bt Josh HW 4-1, Enrique bt Ben.R (4) 4-1, Nicholas (3) bt Arnav 4-0, Rosie (2) bt Theo 4-0

1st round: Enrique bt Lam w/o, Arnav bt Eddie 4-0

Doubles Finals Results

Yellow Open: Harry/Moritz bt Marcus/Matteo 4-2

Yellow Tier 2: Sam/Rohan bt Joshua/Charlie.R 5-3

Green: Ron/Arthur bt James.C/Thomas 5-4 (9-7)

Orange: Liam/Nicholas bt Rosie/Arnav 4-2

FA Cup Tennis Winners and Runners-up 2017

Summer Tournament Winners 2017

The Summer Tournament is the highlight of the tennis year! The tournament uses a traditional knock-out draw, with seedings based on Matchplay rankings when the draw is done. Players can enter singles and/or doubles (with the partner of their choice!), and all matches are played on the day, with the finals taking place late afternoon. All winners get trophies, and runner's up get medals. Everyone else also gets a prize!

FA Cup Tennis is our second annual knock-out competition, ONLY open to players actively taking lessons at Hawker. The tournament uses an FA Cup style draw, with no seedings, and a new draw made for each new round. FA Cup Tennis is a singles only competition, with early round matches being played at weekends and after school during the Autumn term. Semi-Finals and Final are then played on Finals Day, which is a Sunday afternoon in late November. All winners get trophies, and runner's up get medals.

NickW Tennis

FA Cup Tennis 2017 Draws, Results, Match Times

FINALS DAY 2017 - Sunday 26th November 12-4pm

Yellow Open Singles

Final: Harry.V bt Moritz 6-1

Semi-finals: Harry.V, bt Harry.P 6-1, Moritz bt Marcus 6-3

1/4 finals: Harry.V bt Haris 4-1, Marcus bt Leo 4-0, Harry.P bt Joseph 4-2, Moritz bt Arjan 5-3 (from 0-3 down!)

1st round: Moritz bt Lloyd 4-0

Yellow 14U Singles

Final: Lloyd bt Arjan 6-3

Semi-finals: Lloyd bt Joshua 7-5, Arjan bt Tristan 6-1

1/4 finals: Lloyd bt Rohan 4-0, Arjan bt Reuben 4-1, Tristan bt Haris 5-4 (6-4) saved 1mp, Joshua bt Leo 4-0

1st round: Tristan bt Charlie.R 4-2, Leo bt Mackenzie 4-1, Arjan bt Alexis 4-1, Haris bt Justin 4-0, Lloyd bt Matthew 4-2, Reuben bt Lucas 4-1

Yellow 12U Singles
Final: Tristan bt Lucas 6-3
Lucas bt Rohan 7-5, Tristan bt James.E 7-6 (7-5)
1/4 finals:
Tristan bt Sam 5-4 (4-2), Rohan bt Charlie.R 4-2, James.E bt Alexis 4-1, Lucas bt Justin4-1
1st round:
Lucas bt Mackenzie 4-0, Rohan bt Arthur 4-0, Sam bt Thomas 4-1, Charlie.R bt Ron 4-0, Tristan bt Joshua 4-1

Green Singles

Final: Nicholas bt Liam 6-3

Semi-finals: Nicholas bt Rosie 7-5, Liam bt Arthur 6-0

1/4 finals: Arthur bt Thomas 5-3, Nicholas bt James.C 4-1, Liam bt Eddie 4-0, Rosie bt Ron 4-1

1st round: Eddie bt Nicolas.I 4-2, Thomas bt Alys 4-1, Arthur bt Theo 4-0, Ron bt Lauren 4-2, James.C bt Josh.HW 4-0, Liam bt Benji 4-0, Nicholas.K bt Skye 4-1

Orange Singles

Final: Nicholas bt Liam 6-1

Semi-finals: Nicholas bt Josh.H 6-1, Liam bt Eddie w/o

1/4 finals: Josh.H bt Selma 4-2, Eddie bt Sienna 4-0, Liam bt Ben.R 4-0, Nicholas bt Skye 4-0

1st round: Skye bt Josh.HW 4-0, Nicholas bt Theo 4-0