THURSDAY NIGHT TENNIS (TNT!) - Tennis classes run by NICK for those able to serve and rally - Please check 'squads' page for full details.


Priority booking window open from 12-18th March, Bookings open to all from 19th March

MONDAY'S: Starts 16th Apr (no class 28th May), finish 2nd July (11 weeks)

Hawker Junior: 4 - 6 years, 3.45-4.15pm (30 mins) £55 (Max class 6)
Hawker Improver: 5 - 7 years, 4.15-5pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Junior: 6 - 9 years, 5-5.45pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Improver: 8 - 12 years, 5.45-6.45pm (60 mins) £77 (Max class 10)

TUESDAY'S: Starts 17th Apr (no class 29th May), finish 3rd July (11 weeks)

Hawker Junior: 6 - 9 years, 4.15-5pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 6)
Hawker Junior: 9 - 12 years, 5-6pm (60 mins) £77 (Max class 8)
Hawker Improver: 11+ years, 6-7pm (60 mins) £77 (Max class 8)

WEDNESDAY'S: Starts 18th Apr (no class 30th May), finish 4th July (11 weeks)

Hawker Junior: 4 - 6 years, 3.45-4.15pm (30 mins) £55 (Max class 6)
Hawker Improver: 5 - 7 years, 4.15-5pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Jets Squad: 11 - 14 years, 6-7pm (60 mins) £77 (Invite Only)

THURSDAY'S: Starts 19th Apr (no class 31st May), finish 5th July (11 weeks)

Hawker Junior: 4 - 5 years, 3.45-4.15pm (30 mins) £55 (Max class 6)
Hawker Improver: 5 - 7 years, 4.15-5pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Improver: 7 - 10 years, 5-5.45pm (45 mins) £77 (Max class 8)

FRIDAY'S: Starts 20th Apr (no class 1st June), finish 6th July (11 weeks)

Hawker Jets Squad: 11 - 13 years, 4.30-5.30pm (60 mins) £77 (Invite Only)
Hawker Jets Squad: 8 - 10 years, 5.30-6.30pm (60 mins) £77 (Invite Only)
Hawker Jets Squad (Top): 12+ years, 6.30-8pm (90 mins) £110 (Invite Only)

SATURDAY'S: Starts 21st Apr (no class 2nd June), finish 7th July (11 weeks)

Hawker Improver: 11+ years, 10-11am (60 mins) £77 (Max class 8)
Hawker Improver: 8 - 10 years, 11-11.45am (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Improver: 5 - 7 years, 11.45am-12.30pm (45 mins) £66 (Max class 8)
Hawker Junior: 7 - 9 years, 12.30-1pm (30 mins) £55 (Max class 6)
Hawker Junior: 4 - 6 years, 1-1.30pm (30 mins) £55 (Max class 6)

STRUCTURE: There are 5 tiers within our junior tennis programme, and the guide below will help you to decide which level is suitable for your child.

1. HAWKER JUNIOR CLASSES: These classes are suitable for children who have never done any tennis before, or who have done a bit with family/friends, but not had any proper lessons. These classes are also suitable for children who are within their first 2 years of tennis lessons. Therefore, if your child started taking lessons when they were 4 yrs old, and they are now 5½ yrs old, then Hawker Junior classes would still be suitable for them. However, if you and/or their coach feels that they have progressed particularly well in their first year of lessons, you may want to consider a Hawker Improver class.

2. HAWKER IMPROVER CLASSES: These classes are not suitable for children who haven't completed at least 1 year of regular tennis lessons. They are suitable for any child who has completed 2 or more years of tennis lessons, and also for children who have done between 1-2 years of lessons, and have progressed well enough for a more challenging class.

3. HAWKER ADVANCED CLASSES: These classes are only suitable for children who are competent with rallying, and serving, and who also understand how the tennis scoring system works because they have some experience of playing matches. You can't sign your child up for an advanced class without the prior approval of either Nick or Jeremy, so if you haven't already arranged for your child to do an advanced class, do please contact one of us via YMCA Hawker to see if this would be suitable.

4. HAWKER JETS SQUADS: These are for children who play 2-3 times per week, and who compete regularly (minimum twice a month). Players are selected and invited to join the squads based on ability, and enthusiasm for tennis.

5. HAWKER JETS TOURNAMENT SQUAD: This is for children playing minimum 3-4 times per week, and competing regularly in internal and external competitions. If you would like your child to be considered for any Hawker Jets Squad, please contact Nick at YMCA Hawker.

HAWKER JETS: We regularly have teams who compete in local leagues and competitions, and our teams are known as the Hawker Jets. Players who represent us come from our Hawker Jets Squads, and the Jets have had numerous success stories over the years. We have won several competitions and leagues since formation in 2008, and many of our squad members have enjoyed individual success in tournaments also.

MATCHPLAY: This is normally on weekend afternoons (from 3pm). No commitment needed, you can do as few or as many Matchplay's as you like. It's suitable for any player who can rally and serve, and is motivated to play real tennis matches. It's certainly not just for our squad and advanced level players. No other club in the area offers this opportunity, but it's important which is why we do. What would football training be like, with no weekend matches to play in between training sessions? We take children from 7 years up, and those new to it are taught scoring and rules of the game. Children from other venues are also welcome at Matchplay. For more info, please contact Nick directly via YMCA Hawker.

HOLIDAY COURSES: Over the Easter and Summer Holidays, we offer a mixture of 5 day courses and 1 day sessions that last for 2 or 3 hours. Please check back on this page for the latest holiday courses. For holiday courses, if your child is in an overlapping age group, please opt for the younger group if they are beginners, and the older group if they are a bit more experienced with tennis. Please also note that the 2 or 3 hour sessions aren't suitable for beginners. These sessions are also bookable by the day, but you can book as many sessions as you wish! Please ensure your child brings a snack and a drink as there will be a 10 min break during these sessions. Please remember these sessions aren't suitable for complete beginners - please ask the coach if unsure on your child's suitability.

CLASS SIZES: The limits for coach/pupil ratio are 1:10 for 8+ yr olds, and no higher than 1:6 for those aged 7 or younger. These are the maximums, so the ratio will be lower than these limits for the majority of classes.

This is our class timetable page. All the latest term-time and holiday course information can be found on this page. Please also scroll down for a full explanation of the entire programme, including info about which class is most suitable for your child.

All classes are taught at YMCA Hawker in Kingston, and all bookings should be made in person at Hawker reception, or over the phone by calling 0208 2969747.

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